Wedding Ideas #6 {Alternatives to Portraits | Non-Traditional Portraits}

When thinking of wedding ideas you always want to consider wedding photo ideas. If you're one of those people who seem to always have the "fake" smile when in front of a camera you may want alternatives to the typical portraits. Being a wedding photographer I've come across a handful of people with this same issue and my answer is  always "let's do something." Seriously, not like lets do something as in lets fix it, like fix your face haha just no, as in let's actually do something that would allow you to feel relaxed and enjoy having your picture taken. So, here are some ideas that you can plan on doing instead of traditional portraits.

Wedding Ideas #6 Alternatives to Portraits | Non-Traditional Portraits

Have a pillow fight in your honeymoon suit.

Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer on Fun Wedding | Wedding Day Pillow Fight Photos

For photos with your wedding party take these at night using sparklers to spell out something meaningful to you.

Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer on Fun Wedding photos using sparklers for wedding photos Photo

Find a park close by and go for a swing!

Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer on Fun Wedding photos playing on a swing set wedding photos Photo

Find your parents posed wedding photos and hold them out in front of you and your new spouse.

The ideas could be endless here, so if you have any great ideas post them in the comment section. I am sure I'll be doing another post about this in the near future because the need for non-traditional pictures is so common.