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If you've read my bio or read through any of my blog post you'll probably find it as no surprise that I am passionately in love with Jesus. And well, I'm a little cheesy too. Even though some of those quotes on Pinterest seems SO tawdry, they have been so helpful for me this past year. We all know we have times in our lives when it may be bright and sunny outside but inside our hearts we feel hopeless, dark, and weary. We may always have a smile on our face but deep down our hearts' ache. I know we all experience trials in our lives and all have had our fair share of sorrowful tears. I know I have.

I know when I am in these seemingly hopeless moments, looking at those cheesy quotes with epic photos really do lift my spirit. They help me believe this is all worth something. All this pain, all this sorrow, all this grief is worth something. Even though we may not truly understand it, there is hope.

When I was taking this photo I felt like it completely resonated with this concept. As I was editing this scripture came to mind:

" The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5

Christian or not Christian I hope this hold hope for you. If Christian, hope that Chris has overcome all darkness; if non-christian there is more to life than the darkness you are in.

I hope you are blessed by this photo, where ever you stand today. (Contact me if you want a big version for  a screensaver.) <3

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