Wedding Ideas #5 {Special Wedding Moments You Can Plan}

I know this title for the wedding ideas post is kinda strange. Moments you plan? Sounds a bit like a contradiction, but hold your horses. Let me explain. These "special wedding moments you can plan" are like planning on your first kiss after being married, and what you're going to do when you and your new husband walk down the aisle together. They are special moments you've planned. Got it? haha

Wedding Ideas #5 Special Wedding Moments You Can Plan

The first moment that you may miss if you don't plan it to happen is when you're dad first sees you with your dress on. This could be such a sweet moment, to do a first look with your dad. I know most dads would love it, and telling you're wedding photographer its going to happen will make for some amazing photographers later. Now, I know some brides don't want to start crying after they just did their make-up, so just thinking about that part.

Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer on Wedding Planning Photos | Father daughter first look photo

Plan a first look with your bridesmaids. If you're going to have your mom zip, lace or button you up and you'll be in a small room you can have your bridesmaids wait outside until your dressed. Have your bridesmaids gathered to see you for the first time as a bride. Make sure you have your wedding photographer there, because this is another moment you'll want captured!

Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer on Wedding Planning Photos | bridesmaid first look photo

Finally you can plan to have just a special moment with you and your maid of honor. She is the girl that's been there through everything so instead of just having a formal picture with just her, have a few of you and her doing something completely fitting, like jumping on the bed if you were friends who grew up together. ;)

Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer on Wedding Planning Photos | jumping on a bed with maid of honor photo