Out Takes, Behind the Scenes & Friends {Photographing My Best Friends Wedding} | Denver Wedding Photographer

As you may have read about a few weeks ago I had the honor of photography my best friend, Becca's wedding. (Which you can see by clicking here and here.) In photographing a friends wedding I experienced some very sweet moments and great out takes that are totally worth sharing but not something I wanted to feature in their wedding posts. So, this post is for all the out takes, the behind the scene shots and all of my sweet friends, whom I miss dearly.

First, Becca and I. Love this girl so much words cannot even describe! becca&david_g_0445 Out Takes, Behind the Scenes & Friends {Photographing My Best Friends Wedding} | Denver Wedding Photographer

Us being silly...Don't ask me to explain because I couldn't haha.

Out Takes, Behind the Scenes & Friends {Photographing My Best Friends Wedding} | Denver Wedding Photographer

Next I gotta thank my awesome second shooter Britianie, who is actually an old friend from way back in the days of middle school. Oh, uniforms I don't miss you at all! (Also, go check her stuff out sometime, she's stinking talented!) Out Takes, Behind the Scenes & Friends {Photographing My Best Friends Wedding} | Denver Wedding Photographer

The shot above was me testing the lighting one last time before the ceremony began. All of my second shooters are awesome because they are always willing to do extra things for me besides take more photos. Below is one Britianie grabbed during the reception. I seriously need to work on relaxing my face when I shoot. I could scare babies with that squinty eye face haha.

Side note: thanks to my mom who MADE my dress!! She is very talented and patient.


Next is one moment I thought about sharing in the orginal post about Becca's wedding but this seemed more fitting. This moment was joyous, and a little riduclous at the same time.

Ok, so, Becca's grandma is like the sweetest old lady you'll ever meet. She wasn't able to be there for family portraits earlier in the day. So, right before the ceremony was the first time she saw Becca. She walked in holding onto her walker, looked up and began to sob tears of utter joy. EVERYONE started crying. I mean like bawling, haha. While still holding my camera up to capture this sweet moment, one eye was focusing while the other was tearing up like a baby. That was an experience for sure!


Another great part about photographing a friend's wedding was being able to photograph all my other friends dancing. :)


I love how in love my friends are with their husbands!becca&david_g_2249




Now some ladies I must share.

First Aubs. Her and Becca have been there through so much with me. I love this girl so much, and wish she was in the same city as me so we could be silly together, dance, and go snowboarding a lot.


Next is Rachel. She is that friend that makes you want to conquer the world because she is so passionate about everything she does and gets so excited with you about everything. I am sad she is  9 hours away in Omaha, but thankful I get to see her a lot since Josh's family lives in Lincoln. becca&david_g_0753

Next is Mandy (on the right), who is my adventure friend. She is ridiculously good at every single sport she ever tries. She got into rock climbing with me and surpassed my training of 4 years in 4 months. haha Love this girl and how full of life she is.


I wasn't able to get a shot with everyone. Namely, Paula, Caitlin, Amy and Bethany. I was so blessed in Albuquerque to have such a great group of friends. I miss them all very much and pray some of them would move here. ;)

Ah, the joy of friendship. If you have close friends who live near you, give them a big hug today because it's a blessing you'll miss very much if you move away.