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Some weeks in life just totally suck. It seems that being a denver wedding photographer running a business by passion and not motivation for success seems to get harder to do when you are in a period of trials. This past year has been the hardest year of my life. I wont share more details than that but to give you a picture if I were to write a novel about this year it would leave every person I know in tears. So, when I got this email from a past client and very dear friend I was so encouraged and full of tears of joy.

Emmy,  Thank you so much!  I got the prints today and they are beautiful.  You did such an amazing job with our photos.  You have a wonderful talent for capturing the essence of people as well as making them look just a little bit better than they normally do, or at least I do.  I certainly appreciate you capturing me in the best light and putting me at "camera ease" on our wedding day.  What use is it if a photographer can make beautiful people beautiful?  For weddings, you work with ordinary people who are momentarily extraordinary because no matter how you slice it, marriage is a picture of Christ and the church.  It is just the quality of the picture that differs.  And you have a God given ability to capture some moments of rightness and goodness of that picture.  You are a blessing. Paula

Paula and Reed's wedding was one of my first solo weddings back in 2010. This photo is still one of my favorite wedding photos I've ever taken. It was such a Jesus moment. (For those of you who aren't familiar with what I mean, it was a moment and shot I didn't plan but just was given to me by God. This amazing sunset, the way they held each other, everything.)

Denver Wedding Photographer | Love and Encouragement {Paula} | Denver Wedding Photographer | Denver Vintage Wedding Photographer

Thank you Paula for your sweet and eloquent words of encouragement. I was so blessed to be your wedding photographer and am so blessed to have you as a dear friend.