My Best Friend Getting Married | Denver Wedding Photography

Today, one of my best friends Becca is getting married. I am SOO excited for her. I remember sitting in a car with our good friend Aubrey talking about who Becca would married. We both agreed it was David. This was almost two years ago now. This is Aubrey, Becca and I on one of the funnest girl trips ever. :)

I am also VERY excited to have the amazing honor of being her wedding photographer. While I've played the role of bridesmaid a handful of times it is always bitter sweet because I want to be the one capturing the moments my beloved friends will cherish forever.

Today, I can say it is still bittersweet being the photographer and not the bridesmaid. But, I will never regret spending the day capturing David and Becca's wedding day.

This is Becca and I at Aubrey's wedding a year and half ago.

Congratulations Becca and David! I love you both so dearly and am praying often you move to Denver! haha ;)