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Most brides, most girls, LOVE sparkly things and glitter. Let's admit it girls, we like to sparkle and be "caught" in someone's eye by all that flash. I know I do. If it sparkles, I am definitely more attracted to it and willing to wear it or put it all over my body! I totally love all those sparkle lotions and hint of glitter brozers. Even though I'm not a big make-up girl I do love wearing them! Well, I have some TERRIBLE news for you brides out there.. SAY NO TO GLITTLER AND SPARKLE on your wedding day!!!

OK, I know you might be like "WTF!?!?!?!" Who is this girl? Saying don't wear glitter or sparkle on your wedding day, that's like my favorite part!!


While glitter and sparkles are fun in real life they are horrid for pictures....let me explain.

If you are getting married out side in direct sunlight you especially do not want to have glitter or sparkles on the top of your dress. Why? Glitter is metal, it reflects light. Any sparkle on the top of your dress will bounce the light directly onto you're lovely bridal face. Let me show you:

Now, this bride here actually didn't have a a whole lot of glitter on her dress but on the top is the most critical part when you're having an outdoor wedding. As you can see the sunlight caught onto the glitter and made these weird white marks all over her chin. Now, can you image if the entire top of the dress was glitter? She'd look like she had some weird disease.

You're Wedding Make-up, You're Wedding Dress & You're Wedding Photographer | Denver Wedding Photographer | Colorado Destination Wedding Photographer

So, some of you may be saying, ok but Photoshop can take care of that right? Well, yes it can. But there are some photographers who charge you extra for extensive photoshop work...and well "photoshopping it" isn't always as easy as it is for you to say it...So be nice to your beautiful face in pictures and nice to your photographer and stay away from the glitter, atleast on the top of your dress.

Second, glitter and you're make-up.  Well as you can see glitter reflects light. So if you use ANY shimmer or any hint of glitter in your make up you will look like you're sweating. Even if you are having an indoor wedding this still isn't a good idea. I thankfully haven't had any brides who went glitter crazy but here is a picture I found to show you what it would look like.

As you can see it looks like she has a sweaty cheek and forehead. Glitter or even a little shimmer is going to catch any light, whether its you're photographers flash, the lighting above you or the sun. It will look bad.

Now, I'm not make-up artist but there could be shimmer out there that doesn't make this happen. But if you aren't sure take a picture of yourself with the shimmer on with pretty strong light on you and see if you look like you're sweating in that picture. If you are DON'T wear it on your wedding day!

Phew ok, brides! Thankfully lace is in fashion so dresses with sparkle on the top may be the least of you're worries, but stay away from that shimmering make-up!

IF you are freaking out right now because you have a dress with lots of sparkle on it and are having an outdoor wedding, RELAX. Just tell you're photographer ahead of time about you're dress and you're concern of the sparkled disease on your face. As photographers we can get creative to over come this problem, just give your photographer that heads up to plan ahead for this.