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Yesterday was a nightmare. Have you ever written a paper or worked on a huge project on the computer and forgot to save, then everything crashed and you LOST it all...all those hours and hours of working gone? Yesterday was sorta like that, but only worse.

I went to my computer to go write a blog about my fun bike ride. I clicked on my bookmark to access my dashboard to post a blog and Firerox said "this ftp site doesn't exist"....I was like what? That's weird...probably the internet or somethign stupid. I reset my internet, tried different browsers coming to find everything said the same thing. Finally thinking ok maybe its my website. I go to the program I was using and see my blog folder wasn't there.

It hit me then that I deleted my entire blog. Gone completely.

Of course I hadn't backed up a file because it was safe on my server and I'd never delete it myself...or so I thought.

I realized then that on Tuesday while I was cleaning out my website from old pages I had accidentally clicked on the blog folder too.

Man, did I feel SO stupid, and pretty angry with myself. I looked in my trash can and googled ideas of how to recover that file. I tried a few different free programs with none of them helping. I even posted on Facebook for help, and actually got help from a sweet friend Carol...although she didn't have a direct answer for me she eventually got me thinking towards my solution.

To top it all off I realized I hadn't started dinner. I was planning to make a slow cooker chicken enchillada soup that needed 3-4 hours to cook. It was 2pm and we need to eat dinner at 6pm. I know most of you might think, forget the dinner go fix the blog. But for me, it was a good time to really practice serving my husband first over my business. Something I feel like is very foreign to us as Americans but is extremely important to me as a Christian. So I just prayed about the blog that God would just fix it all some how.

I started dinner and realized I was out of milk. I was having Josh buy some after work but this stuff had to cook for 3 hours before then....Frustrated and annoyed with slow drivers I got milk at the store close by and finished dinner.

Now, I was back to my blog...Via Carol's suggestion I contacted my server to see if they had a copy.

I called Go Daddy and ask them if they keep a copy. The man I talked with said they do but it could be $150 recovery fee, and sometimes it doesn't always work.

I was like, great.

But then he went on to say that in the hosting control center you can access your website and past changes up to 30 days. He talked me through how to recover my file and there it was! My little blog folder I thought was gone forever!


I was SO Relieve and just praised Jesus for this nightmare being over.

Well 24 hours later my blog is STILL restoring, so please give me some grace in the next couple of days while all my images and info is restored....meaning some pages may not work. But in the mean time you can always go to my actual website. Thankfully that is intact.

Oh the silly mistakes we make, but I guess all to teach us God is in control despite how out of control we feel.