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As with all of my crafts I found this idea on Pinterest. I couldn't find a tutorial ANYWHERE for this little bugger, but I figured it out and thought I'd make one for the rest of the world!


DIY Heart Mobile Supplies:

  • Old Book (about 100-200 pages) or Newspapers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ring (I used crochet rings. 4 inch ring for a small mobile. 4 inch and 6 1/2 inch ring for a large mobile.)
  • Sewing Machine
  • OR Glue Gun
  • 4-6 Sticks of Glue for Glue Gun
  • String

DIY Heart Mobile Instructions:

  1. Find an old book or collect old newspapers. (Books are the best because newspaper ink bleeds onto your fingers.)
  2. Rip pages out, I used about 200 pages for two mobiles 2 1/2 feet long.
  3. Fold pages long ways (or hot dog style for all you kids at heart).
  4. Draw shape of a half heart or ice cream cone along the bottom of the folded edge of paper. Repeat up to the top of the paper.  See picture below ( I cut out two different sizes of hearts. One heart about 3/4" and another 2")
  5. Cut out shapes. (I kept a little heart and a big heart as a stencil to keep my hearts uniform, but if you aren't particular you can mix it up. )
  6. Repeat drawing and cutting with or without stencil until you have 56 little hearts and 36 big hearts for a small mobile or 84 little hearts and 54 big hearts for a large mobile.
  7. Heat your glue gun. Meanwhile, lay your hearts out in sets of two. Don't unfold them.
  8. Set them out in rows of how long you'd like them to be. For the small mobile I had two rows of 9 paired big hearts (or 18 hearts total) and two rows of 14 paired little hearts (28 hearts total). For the large mobile I had three rows of 9 paired big hearts (or 27 hearts total) and three rows of 14 paired little hearts (42 hearts total). If you want some texture you can make different strands one or two heart pairs longer.
  9. Cut your strings a good two feet longer than your strands of hearts laid out. This will give your room to tie them to the ceiling depending on how tall your ceiling is.
  10. With the hearts set up in rows for each strand and paired in twos begin gluing or sewing the hearts to the string. Leave the good two feet of string at the top of your strand. See next step for how to glue.
  11. Place glue on the folded outside edge of the heart (if you lay the heart flat on a table this is the side that makes a peak.) Place string on top of heart. With the designated paired heart place glue on the same edge as the first. Place heart on top of first heart and string.
  12. Continue gluing in the same process for the remainder of your strand. You can space each pair of hearts a few centimeters apart or right up to each other.
  13. Once you have either your 2 little heart strands and 2 big heart strands for the small mobile or 3 little heart strands and 3 big heart strands for the big mobile gather your rings.
  14. For the small mobile alternate little hearts with big hearts tying each around the mobile. Space out in fourths.
  15. For the large mobile gather your three strand of small hearts and tie around smaller ring in thirds. Gather your large hearts and larger ring and tie in thirds along large ring.
  16. For small mobile pull extra string up and tie in a knot so the ring stays level. Hang from ceiling with push pin or nail in knot.
  17. For large mobile tie smaller ring to larger ring with smaller heart excess string. Tie the smaller heart excess string in the gaps between the big heart knots making sure your little ring will stay level. Tie strings so smaller hearts can dangle a little below larger ring. Gather all excess strings and tie into a knot so rings are level. Hang with a push pin or nail in the knot you made.
  18. Voila!

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