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I've spent the past two weekends in Albuquerque, NM photographing two weddings, an engagement session and meeting with many people in preparation for weddings ahead this year. I also had the chance to make it to a good friend's wedding in which I can gladly say after being sick and long hours photographing the night before that I was happy to just be a guest. It has been really interesting being back in New Mexico after a good four months of being in Colorado. You know you can really tell if you are at home somewhere if you miss it A LOT after being back in your previous hometown...and well I've been missing the lovely Colorado all weekend. I do think though being apart from my husband so much has definitely added to know I kinda like seeing him every day. ;) It isn't that I don't enjoy New Mexico, its just that it isn't "home" anymore. And that feeling is very affirming in the fact that moving to CO was a good decision.

I am still very excited for all the weddings I have back here in NM but I'm more excited to see what God will do with my husband and I in Colorado.

I do have to say though that I wish we were closer to my new little nephew. Isn't he a cutie!?

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I head home today and I am so excited I'll be home for two weeks before my next wedding here. In the mean time stay posted for photos from the past few weddings and engagement session!