Your Friend with a Nice Camera VS a Proffessional Photographer

You have this friend with a super nice camera. He or she spent over a grand on it. So he or she must take great photos with it right? NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Just because you have a paint brush doesn't mean your a painter, right?

Having an artists tool doesn't make the artist.

I personally own a set of very nice, professional paint brushes from an art class I took my sophomore year in college, but wouldn't I consider myself a painter.

So why do people consider others with nice camera equipment someone capable of capturing them and especially capturing their wedding day, one of the days in your life you'll never want to forget?

That answer is beyond me.

What makes a professional photographer then?

  • Well, good equipment is always nice, not to be ironic, but it helps. You really don't want someone photographing your wedding with a digital camera from the 90s. Haha.
  • They are an artist. Webster defines an artist as: “one skilled in the conscious use of skill and creative imagination”
  • They are creative
  • They are good with people
  • They have a portfolio that looks professional

Now, how to hire the right professional photographer for you and which one...Go check out another blog of mine that talks just about this!!

I like to share pictures so here is one. :)