Dancing | Denver Photographers

In high school I was an avid dancer, well ballerina. I stopped dancing when I went away to college because there was no dance studios around, and yes I went to a no dancing private school haha. But I've taken some classes on and off, although never consistently because I now have the body of a 50 year old. Bad hip and knee included. I do miss dancing terrible and want to get into it again, if my body will allow. Though more importantly I want to get into dance photography. Besides weddings and engagements, I absolutely adore taking photos of dancers. I honestly cannot completely explain why I love it so much except for the fact that it is so close to my own heart that capturing a dancers movements, style and technique is just so beautiful to me.

So I'm in the process of getting connect with dance studios in Denver and hopefully dancers who need/want photos. Lord willing this will work out...but for now a picture I took with my  iphone of my old dance shoes haha.

Oh also took this on a bike ride with Josh...it's very pretty here.