Albuquerque & Denver Engagement Photographer | Austen & Emily

Last weekend I had the joy of photographing Emily and Austen. I was so excited when I found out Emily is a dancer because I absolutely love working with dancers, because posing them is so simple! One day I do hope to do more work with if you are one and need photos contact me! I have to say I truly enjoyed capturing them and their love for each other. I wish I could be apart of their wedding day but they are both from Lincoln, NE and are having their wedding there. So this is the end of the road for us, but I do truly hope they enjoy the photos as much as I have.

I'm truly flabbergasted by the amazing light and scenery the Lord provided for this shoot. God just aligned everything so perfectly for this session. While I was editing I was plastered with a smile just praising God for showing us His beauty through the perfect timing and placement of every little detail, whether it be the sun, our bodies blocking light, our hair reflecting light, to even dust particles  glimmering in the sun rays...all just to show us His glory. Wow. I hope you can see for yourself the glory of God in all of my work. If I hope to accomplish anything it is that.

Now...for the pictures. :)