Albuquerque & Denver Wedding Photographer | Erin & Sean Engaged

I am soo excited for my good friend Erin is engaged! My excitement of her wedding beside, I am even more excited to be her wedding photographer! A few weekends ago we went out to Old Town to do her engagement photos. Her and Sean are adorable. They both are pretty silly and definitely cute together!

Erin and Sean told me that they've both come to embrace the architecture and style of New Mexico, something which I must say is a challenge for me. I have this mental block that stucco is sand, and not a building haha...I know its a shame since I'm an artist...but it could be that I grew up here and have no attraction to brown things...So when they asked to do photos in Old Town, to really capture the feel of New Mexico and how they are embracing it within their engagement photos, you can imagine how much of a challenge it was for me. But thankfully I had them as subjects...that makes the world of a difference. And there is greenery around old town, which you'll probably notice most of the photos I'm posting don't have a lot of "old town" in them...but hey I tried, and I think they're happy with them. ;) haha Enjoy friends!