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I am happy to say I am finally done editing these beautiful wedding! My eyes might begin melt at any moment but I just couldn't wait to share these with you...haha. On September 2nd, Caitlin & Daniel were married at Hotel Albuquerque. (This is a gorgeous venue by the way...hint hint, wink wink.) Caitlin & Daniel chose to do the first look, which was my first one as well. It was really sweet and I think it alleviated a lot of the pressure for the actual ceremony not to mention them getting more comfortable with me because they both were just so happy to see each other!  They had their reception at Hotel Andaluz, which is another beautiful hotel, though a very challenging one for a photographer, mostly because its so dark and I hate being that photographer who brings the entire studio to the wedding..if you know what I mean.

I was so blessed to be their wedding photographer and do hope that they are pleased with the photos and most importantly that God is glorified through my work. :) Enjoy friends!









ah, I just adore this one!