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Now days it seems like there is a new wedding photographer every week, not to mention how many photographer profiles there are on wedding websites like The Knot and Perfect Wedding Guide. With so many choices it can be overwhelming to choose just one. It seems that as consumers when we are overwhelmed with choices we tend to default to price shopping. So we pick our wedding photographers based on who has the cheapest prices. But do you really want Wal-Mart quality wedding photos?

(I am not bashing Wal-Mart here, I do shop there; but, if I want something cheap I go to Wal-Mart. Although I never expect Wal-Mart products to be high quality…that is just from personal experience…you may have a different one.)

I am challenging you, brides and grooms, for your own sake and blessings later, to do your research. After the wedding is all over photographs are one of the things you’ll have forever, so you will want them to be what fits you and your marriage like a glove.

Where do we start if we don’t start with prices then? Well, this is easy I promise, first ask yourselves

  1. What is our style as a couple? Are we more traditional or out-of-the ordinary? Do we enjoy romantic things or fun adventures? Or are we middle of the road and enjoy tradition but like to be a little adventurous too.

This simple question will help you to know what photographer to look for.  If your…

  • Traditional: you’ll want a traditional wedding photographer. Look for photographer who seems to pose their brides a lot, who maybe owns a studio, and has a real classic look to their photos.
  • Out-of-the Ordinary: you’ll want a photographer that doesn’t do anything typical. They hardly have two of the same photos on their profiles and really stand out to you.
  • Middle of the road: you’ll want to look for a photographer who does some posing and candid shots. They’ll have some normal wedding photographs, but also some photographs of simple laughers and sweet moments that happen during the day.
  • If you aren’t sure just ask the photographer of their style! ;)

Honestly, you may not fit any of these three, but think about what is your style and see if you can see your style in the photographers you’re looking at.

I know many times you may see a handful of photographers who fit into your style and then want to price shop. BUT WAIT! I encourage you next to meet the photographer(s). Set up a consultation (via phone, Skype, person-to-person) and see which photographer you truly get along with best. Besides your fiancé you’ll be working the closest with your photographer on your wedding day. If you are instantly comfortable with a photographer then you’ll be even more comfortable with them on the wedding day. Again, you want someone who can capture you, not you stressed out. If you can be yourselves around your photographer you’ll have an easier time being you in front of the camera and the photographer will be able to truly capture you!

Finally, if you are down to let’s say three photographers, their styles fits yours, you feel comfortable around them then you can price shop…haha.

I hope this information was helpful to you!

By the way I would describe my style as somewhat out of the ordinary but sometimes middle of the road. I like some classical shots but I do like to stretch to be a little adventurous and try new things too. Oh not to mention I can be pretty silly. ;)