A Short Vaca | Lincoln, NE

This past weekend my husband and I drove up to Lincoln, Nebraska to visit family. We had such a great time and were able to relax a little. I found out though that I am not a fan of humidity and heat. It is just aweful! Lincoln is a pretty cute town. Well its not so much a town because it is a decent size, but the town has some cool old architecture.

There is this pretty neat gallery called Gallery 9 that feautres local artists' work. They have this nice side enterance where you enter through an alley that has a beautiful garden!

One of the main things going on in Lincoln is the university and its sports. But outside one of the buildings there was this awesome sculpture.

While driving I got some fun shots of the clouds. :)

I'm coming to realize that as a photographer I really get in the zone when I shoot so I'm not able to be with family and photograph them at the same time. (Which is kinda abnormal I think for being a photographer)...So I really don't have any pictures of our family up there, but that isn't to say they aren't amazing people I'd love to photograph one day. :)

OH! I almost forgot, I took this as we were leaving Albuquerque. I thought it was neat how the clouds were hovering over the mountains!