Albuquerque & Denver Wedding Photographer | Caitlin's Bridal Shower

Yesterday was Caitlin's bridal shower! It's amazing how quickly weddings come and go, but I know its been a while coming for Caitlin! I've known Caitlin for 3 years now. It's been so exciting to see how her and her fiance, Daniel, have grown closer to each other and are getting ready to get married in September! I'm so blessed to be their wedding photographer and am looking forward to September 2nd! But for now some pre-wedding celebrations!

The wonderful food her bridesmaids prepared!... you might get hungry, just warning you ;)




We  played some games that got a few good reactions out of Caitlin. :)

Not to mention everyone else too. ;)

Caitlin and her lovely mom.

Caitlin and her wonderful bridesmaids!

And well just cause I loved this picture. :)