Before You Hire a Professional Photographer

You probably already love their work but do know you all you’re getting into? With the accessibility to good digital cameras these days, anyone could call themselves a “professional” photographer, but what really makes a good professional photographer? It probably depends on who you ask, but in my opinion a good professional photographer delivers high-quality service, products and of course, photographs.

Anyone can take pictures of people but not everyone can take quality pictures. Anyone can go have prints and photo albums made at Wal-Mart or Snap fish, though I cannot say everyone can deliver good service.

What is good service anyway? I instantly think of a waiter who goes above and beyond his duties to serve you. I’ve heard of waiters literally going to the grocery store to get gluten free pasta for a customer who had gluten intolerance. Now, that is true service.

I believe the standard should be the same for photographers. Every client is different and therefore should be served based upon their exact needs. Now, photographers have limits and cannot necessarily meet every need, but generally you should have expectations of your photographer, voice them and receive them.

So, back to everyone can go get prints and photo albums. Have you really looked at the quality of products from places like Snapfish and Wal-Mart? Honestly, they are TERRIBLE quality!

People get professional photographs taken because they VALUE their family, relationship or child. They want to capture them as they are now, something that will not last for long. Yet, we seem to want to go get prints, photo books and the like that are cheap. We all know Wal-Mart shoes do not last as long as department stores. So why do we think the same could be said about our photographs!?

Where am I going here? Well, a good professional photographer gives you quality products to display your quality photographs. Make sure you see samples of these products, check their durability and sturdiness.

Are the pages flimsy and seem easy to tear? Trust me, they won’t last a year especially with little ones around. Are your prints sharp and seem colored funny? Trust me, they will fade fast and yellow quickly.

As with everything you are paying more than $100 for, check your facts and know the quality you will be receiving.

With Searching for the Light Photography I like to meet with every client before I even put them in front of the camera. I want to know their expectations of me and meet those expectations. I want to show them the true quality of every product they will receive. I am a professional photographer, and will deliver professional quality.