Wash Park Family Photos {Falls Family} | Mountain Denver, Colorado Family Photographer

I like to think that I can get on every little kids side, I think this is part of the fun for me as a family photographer. To draw out those little giggles and smiles in a child. Its not an easy task by any means but the moment they trust you is the moment they shine. Click to read more

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Peonies in the Foundations {Hope in the Midst of a Dark Season | Emmy's Personal Story with Chronic Illnesses}

The tulips didn't bloom that year. It was the first year they hadn't bloomed in the 3 years we had lived in our house. It was also the first year I started to get really sick. 


That same year in literal crack of the foundation of our home and the rocks a new plant started to grow.


I knew this plant was a sign of hope from God.


God's provisions aren't always easy, nor are they simple, it almost always makes absolutely no sense, but it is always beautiful and good.


This has been absolutely true for our life today. Click to read more.

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Echo Lake Engagement Photos | April & TJ { Mountain Denver Colorado Engagement Photographer}

I love this peace and calm that comes with only our beloveds. Sometimes we feel like we have to be someone else with other people but with our beloved, we can fully be ourselves completely unadulterated. Click read more to see more from this Echo Lake Mount Evans Colorado Mountain Engagement session!

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Riviera | Thomas Dance Project Performance {Photography by Denver, Colorado Dance Photographer}

move a dancers art work into a single frame. Its by no means as simple as a click of the button but more knowing the timing and precise moment when the full expression of a movement will happen.

I absolutely love the thrill of photographing dance performances! I love the anticipation required as you have to have be on point to capture their breath taking movements.

More of this beautiful performance by Thomas Dance Project on my blog. Click read more!

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Banana Ice Cream Recipe {Tahini & Honey Paleo, Vegan, Plant Based Ice Cream | Denver, Colorado Photographer}

Who doesn't love ice cream? Its the perfect treat during the hot summer days and also a perfect outing for couples or families. Or a lonely night grieving a loss. Everyone needs it in their life wouldn't you agree?

After months of being without ice cream I finally figured out a recipe that has me hooked: Banana ice cream! Read more to view full recipe!

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Pas De Deux | Couple Ballet Dance | Kevin & Sara {Mountain Denver, Colorado Ballet and Dance Photographer | Echo Lake Mount Evans Colorado}

Boldness is sometimes really helpful, especially when you have a creative vision and asking acquaints to work with you. Well I did just that, a few years ago I asked my wonderful ballet teacher Thomas Dance Project and his fiancé Sara to take photos with me. It was a dream come true to work with dancers and a couple capturing the different dynamics of their relationship.

Click read more to see and read more!

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Denver, Colorado Maternity Photos { Becca & David} | Mountains Albuquerque, New Mexico Maternity Photographer

Best friends are the best aren't they? I'm so honored to call Becca my best friend and also capture her life so far! I loved being a part of all the sweet gifts and stories God has provided for her, from her engagement, to her wedding and now to the growing of her first little one.

Ok so she's already born, and over 6 months!! But guys this is how behind on blogging haha. Click read more to see more and hear more!

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Family Fun at Heritage Square Amusement Park Golden Colorado | Denver, Colorado Family Photographer

Amusement parks? Who's in? I used to LIVE at amusement parks during the summer. My mother was so sweet to take us along with our cousins so some of the most epic amusement parks around the country.

While I don't think I could live up to providing that childhood for my daughter I love that in Colorado there exists these cute little amusement parks that are perfect for a four year old's birthday party.

I cannot believe it you guys, I have a four year old! Read more about her birthday party with her cousin's at Heritage Square more on this post.

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Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe {No Sugar No Coconut No Eggs | Denver, Colorado Photographer}

To say I have a cookie problem is an understatement. I used to be the queen at convincing family I was still eating the same cookie as I snuck in my aunts cabinet for more to stuff in my mouth..

Well in this blog, the perfect paleo friendly cookie that is coconut free has been hard to find, but praise the Lord I played with a recipe and finally did it. Guys, I can have chocolate chip cookies again!!!!!!

I'll be over here trying not to eat them all and dancing at the same time.

Did I mention they are coconut free, have no refined sugar (yes even in those chips), and no eggs. Hoorah! Read more to view the whole recipe!

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