What makes you the best Colorado mountain elopement photographer?

7 Years of Mountain Wedding Photography Experience

  • Searching for the Light Photography was founded in 2009. Emmy, the primary photographer, has over 7 years of experience professionally photographing weddings. Having experience means we can handle all the ups and downs that happen on a wedding day with ease, helping make your wedding day go smoothly.

Authentic Mountain Destination Elopements

Experienced Relationship "Capturer"

  • Studying and gauging how people interact is Emmy's key to helping couples' personalities truly come out on camera. With 7 years of experience, Emmy knows how to understand clients' interactions and draw out the uniqueness of their relationships.

Mountain Wedding and Adventure Engagement Photography Planner

  • Emmy helps you plan out your engagement photos and your wedding photo timeline. Being extremely organized and a natural planner along with the years of experience, Emmy is able to help you navigate through locations, the best lighting scenarios based on locations and weather patterns, and work through a timeline with your wedding vendors to optimize your wedding day to capture the most beautiful wedding photos.

Expert Mountain Elopement Photographer

  • We shoot with the best gear around and are knowledgable in many techniques that help us be able to capture everything from amazing sunsets to awesome dance parties.

Crowd Wranglers

  • We know how to wrangle a crowd (aka your very large family) with ease . Read more about how we do family photos here.

Professional Multi-Tasker

  • Emmy and Brittany are both mom's, so we're awesome "multi-taskers", which is extremely necessary as a mountain elopement and wedding photographers. Read more how being a mom has made Emmy a better wedding photographer here.

Colorado Mountain Lover

  • Emmy loves the mountains and has spent most of her life adventuring in them from snowboarding every winter to rock climbing every summer and now exploring the outdoors with her family. Being in the mountains means she knows what weather to expect in the Rocky Mountains, how to handle the ever-changing environment in mountains, and has a spirit of adventure that usually leads to epic photography.