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We’re a team of professional photographers. Emmy, Brittany and Trevr behind Searching for the Light Photography. We’re passionate about joyfully capturing your passion whether it is you’re adventurous Colorado mountain elopement or wedding, your family, your beloved or your killer business, we’re there to help you curate photographs that reflect you.

Emmy, Brittany, Trevr have been in the photography industry for over a decade and have worked together for 7 years as professional photographers.

Emmy, Brittany and Trevr work together as a team to curate your photo session with us! Emmy is the owner of Searching for the Light Photography but is also your main contact. She’s the voice behind Searching for the Light Photography and is behind the camera often, but when she’s not you’ll find Brittany or Trevr to be the friendly faces that greet you for your elopement, wedding or session.

About the Mountain Denver, Colorado Photographer Emmy Gaines


Hello, I am Emmy Gaines the owner, the couple, elopement, small business, dance and yoga photographer behind Searching for the Light Photography. I am a joy-filled photographer creating photographs with a touch of whimsy. I love to capture the Light, and not just gorgeous light—which is fun to capture—but to capture the beauty of life, love and creation. My joy is to capture the light that illuminates our hearts. I shoot mostly in Denver, Colorado and in the Mountains of Colorado but LOVE to travel to beautiful destinations.

I am first and foremost a reflection of the greatest Artist there ever was and ever will be. If there is one thing I can ever hope to accomplish it is to show how beautiful He is.

My goal in this crazy thing called mountain Denver, Colorado photography is to capture and display for you the amazing gift that we have been given of seeing and experiencing God in love, life and creation.

I have a gift (or so I’ve been told) to capture the experience we feel in a moment and turn that joyful moment into a permanent, tangible memory: a photograph. I hope one day to capture your joy.

Part of my story is chronic illnesses.  In 2016 I was hit with an extensive list of symptoms that were sometimes completely disabling. I was forced to take a break from my work as a business owner and photographer. Now years later, after working with a plethora of doctors and specialists from numerous fields, I now finally have two diagnoses and resources in my tool belt to help me manage my chronic illnesses. To be honest, I never believed I would be back here as a mountain Denver, Colorado photographer, but I am so excited to be here and have the honor of capturing a part of you and your story.

I have a few limitations noted around my website. Specifically, I can only hike one mile for any adventure session or elopement and I can only photograph for a maximum of 4 hours continuously. I also book for myself a limited amount of sessions per month. Additionally, when I am photographing in the Colorado mountains or outside the Denver city limits, I will be working with an assistant to aid me in carrying gear, among other things. Because of my limitations I am no longer able to photograph full weddings so I work with my photography partner, Brittany or Trevr to help Denver, Colorado couples still experience the Searching for the Light Photography experience and style. 

This assistant is someone I would trust my life with. They are an insurance policy for you and me. In any event I am unable to work or need an immediate break, my assistant is able to step in and take over photography so that there is no concern for you in missing photographs. The assistants I work with are hand-picked by me, they know my style, how to work with you just as I would and are able to capture you on camera skillfully. Many of my assistants have worked with me for several years, so they know the ins and outs of my style and approach. 

A HUGE part of re-opening my business is giving back again, supporting and loving others well and I've been shown continuously by family and friends in battling illness. When you hire me a portion of each session goes back to a charity or cause close to my heart. Head here to find out more.

I am an open book on my illness, so if reading this is of any concern to you please don’t hesitate to ask!

About the mountain Denver, Colorado photographer Brittany Kuenne


Brittany is passionate about helping mountain wedding couples and families stay engaged with each other. She wants to make sure that you are truly yourselves in front of the camera. We all know our tendency to wear fake smiles when put on the spot, but Brittany makes it her job to help you feel comfortable and engaged even if it is at her own expense, she won’t spare acting like a fool to make you all laugh until your cheeks hurt.

Many previous clients have noted that she has a gift for helping people feel comfortable and like their natural self in front of the camera. She’ll be the first to say that things may get awkward, but the playfulness, laughter and intimacy she brings to every wedding day or family session makes her a gem.

Having been a photographer for 10 years, you can rest assured that Brittany will capture your wedding day, love story, or family session with intimacy, playfulness and joy.

We cannot wait to know more about you! Curious about what makes Brittany's heart beat?

  • I spend a good amount of time pondering the ways of Jesus & studying the Bible. This keeps me grounded, and constantly seeking to love others well and glorify God in all I do.

  • My husband and I have been married for 11 years this summer and it has been a ride!

  • We have 2 goofy kids and recently have moved up the hill.. not far from the city, just a perfect spot to wake up, throw a log on the fire & pretend we are on vacation.

  • While on "vacation" my favorite thing to do is sit in a craft coffee shop (bonus if they have kombucha on tap and beautiful greenery) sipping an americano or a coconut milk latte... Since hitting up my fav shop isn't an everyday thing, I'm prettly lucky to make my own americano on our 10+ year old espresso machine with amazing beans from the coffee shop my hubby runs.

  • I brew my own kombucha and although I don't enjoy having one more thing to do in the kitchen, I LOVE that I can make it and not spend $4 bucks a bottle at the store!

  • Someday I might pursue to be a health coach or personal trainer when I am not training up my kiddos or photographing amazing weddings. I am passionate about living healthy and it is quite the journey. For now, I love my 30 minute at home workouts and kinda paleo eating.

  • Music is big in our lives, dance parties, sing alongs and worship music fill our home on the regular.

  • Having been raised in MN, it's obvious that I adore our majestic mountains here in Colorado.

  • And then there's the sunshine. No explanation needed.

About the Mountain Denver, Colorado Photographer Trevr Merchant

01-Trevr-Searching for the Light Photography-colorado-mountain-wedding-photographer-romantic-photos-mountain-wedding-photographer-trevr&marissa-2016-2671.jpg

Trevr (right) attend CU graduating with a degree in film and currently is a founder of a media company called Torch Media. In his spare time he works for Searching for the Light Photography as our partner photographer when Brittany or Emmy are unavailable.

Trevr and his wife Marissa (left) are a power creative couple. You may find yourself meeting Marissa too who is our preferred set and wardrobe stylist for all our Denver, Colroado branding photography.

Together they have a young son, Huxley who is already melting the hearts of all the ladies, one dog who will love you to death and two cats.

Trevr is a gentle calm spirit and willing to do whatever to help you feel comfortable behind the camera. He is an expert story teller with his background in film and will capture your story or brand in a way you never thought possible with a touch of whimsy as we say around here.

We’re so excited to have him on as another photographer for Searching for the Light Photography and know you’ll love him as much as we do too.

Here is a little sneak peak into Emmy’s life here in Denver, Colorado and our Traveling Destinations


These are all my favorite things about mountains, Denver, Colorado and life.


I cannot wait to know more about you! Curious about what makes my heart beat?
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My savior and love Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit.

My super awesome husband, Josh Gaines, a talented up-and-coming author and director of sci-fi, horror, and strange fiction.

Olive Mae, the sweet toddler who turned my world upside down in the most amazing way.

My dog, Toby, who is more of a fluffy cat in appearance and mannerism. 

My heart beats and dreams in dances. You’ll often find my family having dance parties.  I still pretend I am a real ballerina when I take adult ballet classes. 

Yoga, it has offered a way to connect my mind body and spirituality in an amazing way I never expected. 


I could live off chocolate chip cookies if my body would let me. I enjoy baking and cooking. I love gathering around a table and enjoying deep conversation with dear friends and family. 

I have a terrible travel bug. While I don’t mind being a home body and love my hammock and big apple tree in our backyard I love the adventure of visiting new places. 

Organization and Planning : I make lists for my lists. DIY is too much of my lifestyle. I seriously struggle to shop because in the back of my mind I am always thinking, I could make that…its a problem, guys.

I grew up in the desert so Snow falling in big flakes is still magical to me. 

Mountains, beaches, exploring, and pretty much any place green or epic.


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One-on-one education for photographers! 

I am so excited to announce I am now consulting photographers, new and experienced! I’ve always had a deep passion for teaching, and would love to pass on the experience and knowledge I’ve gained in running a business for 7 years over two different states!

I’m offering video conference meetings for $175 an hour where you can ask me as many questions on any subject you’d like! The session will include two follow up emails with me. You can add on a portfolio review if you’d like for an extra $100, which includes an extra half hour in our meeting to go over your portfolio.

Some topics of interest include:

  • Find your Ideal Client

  • Balancing Running a Business While Having a Life

  • Creating Candid Moments

  • Blogging and Using Pinterest

  • Marketing to Your Ideal Client

  • Off Camera Flash

  • Strengthening Your Body for Shooting

We all need to be real sometimes here are some of my "real life" Denver, Colorado blog posts