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Emmy (left) founder and main voice behind Searching for the Light Photography am so excited to hear your story and passions!

Together with my photography partner Brittany (right) we are joy-filled photographers creating photographs with a touch of whimsy. We love to capture the Light, and not just gorgeous light—which is fun to capture—but to capture the beauty of life, love, and creation. Our joy is to capture the light that illuminates our hearts. We have a heart and passion to work with lovers, for adventurous mountain loving home loving couples, Colorado lifestyle loving families, personal brands, dancers, and yoga teachers.

We are mountain girls at heart so if your looking for a Colorado mountain adventure elopement photographer we'd love to chat! Let’s go on an adventure capturing your wedding day!

Won’t you join us in capturing your love, whether its out in the mountains with you and your loved one, your family, your heart for ballet, your deep soul for yoga, or curating a visual personal brand for your small business.

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Mountain Denver, Colorado Photographyspecialties

Adventurous Mountain Elopements & Intimate Weddings: our heart beats strongly for couples who want to slow down & focus on their wedding vows connecting intimately on their wedding day. Find out more --> HERE

Couples & Anniversaries: We have a deep passion for celebrating marriage. Whether you’re celebrating a new chapter, a vow renewal, your wedding anniversary we want to help couples for just a few hours dive deep into affection through couples photography whether at home or on a Colorado mountain top. Find out more --> HERE

Dance: Emmy’s heart imagines and breathes in movement. Our hearts were meant to express and dance is my expression. We love to work with dancers who feel the same who breathe in music and breathe out expression. Find out more --> HERE

Yoga: A huge part of Emmy’s story was founded in yoga. She’s had the most intimate connections in my faith on my yoga mat. I believe there is great power in connecting our mind body and soul. She loves celebrating the passion with other yogis by capturing them in their element on their mat or on their favorite mountain top in their favorite yoga pose. Find out more --> HERE

Visual Branding: Photographers hold a lot of keys and one of them is being able to visually tell a story. We believe behind every small Denver, Colorado business there is a heart with a beautiful story that is your personal brand.We want to work with you to capture this. Find out more -->HERE

Families: Being a moms ourselves know how fast time goes by. How fast you go from hearing sweet words that make no sense to anyone but you to running feet through your house. We believe these moments are worth cherishing with family photography Find out more more --->HERE

Fine Art: We are seekers of beauty. Capturer and emphasizer of majestic splendor. If we cannot impact this world with eloquent speech e will leave this world with more mindfulness of the majesty of God in hopes that you will see that He alone, in his beauty and love, holds the power to satisfy your soul's deepest longing. Find out more --> HERE


“…{Searching for the Light Photography} was such a calming and joyful presence during our {intimate} wedding. Before the ceremony when the rain started to come down and emotions started to intensify, she was able to pull us all together, come-up with a creative alternative to group photos and capture some really special moments. I am very grateful for her amazing ability to be patient and confident in these trying moments…”  - Alea | Colorado

See more of Chris & Alea's wedding here.


"{Searching for the Light Photography} is simply amazing. She captured the most beautiful moments of my {mountain } wedding and I will forever treasure the photos. I cannot thank Emmy enough for her time, dedication, efficiency, creativity, and kindness. There is not another photographer like Emmy out there! She is truly one of a kind." -Kara | Texas

See more from Kara's engagement and wedding here.


“We had such a sweet and special time. [Emmy] have such an easy presence, such a relaxing air, and such an engaging relationship with [her]  camera and [her] subjects. The prompts [she] gave sent us frolicking down memory lane and landed us solidly in “Us-ville” (haha). It was a gift to think and talk about our moments of celebration, cherishing, support, and deep love. It was a gift to laugh and flirt and joke and snuggle. It was a gift to walk hand in hand and search for the sun and wrap up in arms and blanket and memory and love. I appreciate so much the way [she] interacted with us, the way [she] made us WANT to follow [her]  prompts, the way [she]  encouraged and suggested and helped. I am oh so glad [she]  are reopening your business. I know so many people are going to be blessed by [she] , who are going to walk away smiling and savoring, who are going to beam when [she]  send them sneak peeks. …[She]  didn’t just take a picture; [she]  created an experience for us that we will remember with great fondness whenever we look at the photos.” - Naomi

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Mountain Denver, Colorado Photographer Expertise



We have over a decade of experience in the mountain wedding industry and as a photographers. We’ve worked through almost every wedding day nightmare you can imagine.

We have also endured a number of difficulties in our personal lives, so we are able to be kind, generous and empathic towards tough things that occur leading up to or on our photo shoot day or adventure elopement or mountain wedding.



We are able to capture bright, epic sunsets, low-lighting situations and a number of other unconventional lighting scenarios that require careful expertise behind the camera.

We’ve taken classes with some of the top wedding photographers. We’ve learned some amazing tricks of the trade as well as many valuable lessons.



We are passionate about marriages that are full of love and commitment.

You can be real with us.We’ll help you not feel nervous; its our job to help you be you in front of the camera and capture who you are.


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