I strive to capture the light, not the one shinning on our skin
About the Photographer: Emmy Gaines
emmy gaines, owner of searching for the light photography

Emmy Gaines is the owner, photographer, and graphic designer behind Searching for the Light Photography LLC.

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Emmy Gaines has always had a passion for creativity. While her story isn't like most denver photographers, growing up taking photos of everything and anyone, Emmy Gaines was always doing something imaginative. She first wanted to be a choreographer for dance videos, then a fashion designer, and as she grew older her interests turned to architecture and graphic design. Every interest Emmy Gaines had was centered around the idea of making something unique and beautiful.

Emmy's love for beauty grew with her age, and in college she began photographing beautiful things around her, beginning with nature. This passion then formulated into photographing people and their love stories. Emmy Gaines graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from CNM, and she uses her experience and knowledge to create charming customized products from denver engagement sessions with her clients.

Standing on the belief that humans are uniquely and wonderfully made by a loving God, Emmy Gaines strives to capture the individuality and beauty of life. Denver wedding photography is Emmy's favorite shooting subject because she believes there is a greater truth to the joy of marriage; that it is a reflection of the love Christ poured out on us.

Emmy Gaines strives as a Denver photographer to meet one goal: to seek out the beauty and love of God in every person she photographs. She would personally describe her job as a “memory capturer;” one who is present to document and immortalize the memories you make that they might never be forgotten. A true romantic, Emmy Gaines has an eye for capturing the love shared between two people.

Emmy Gaines currently lives and operates out of Denver, Colorado with her husband Josh Gaines, aka Doctor Gaines a vivid up and coming writer (check out his blog here). In addition to Colorado, Emmy Gaines also frequently services New Mexico and is available for travel world wide. Please feel free to view the calendar for Emmy's dates and locations schedule, or contact her for more info.

(Photo credit my husband, editing by me)

About Weddings
What sets us apart as one of the best denver wedding photography business?

•We help you relax in front of the camera. We know you aren't a model, so we won't expect you to know what you're doing. After getting to know you a little, Emmy will be able to better gage your interactions together and what "poses" are best fitting for you. During any "formal" portrait time you can fully expect to laugh, have fun and enjoy the sweet intimate moments with your, now, husband!

•We get to know our couples because we don’t just want to photograph another wedding; we want to capture your unique love story! You can expect us to get to know you during your engagement session or in our meetings. Emmy always has fun questions to ask you allowing her to get to know you and your story together.

•We take the time to edit every single photo you see. Most wedding photographers only give you a handful of photos, and not all of them are fully edited. But we take the time to edit every single worthy photo to the most of our artistic ability.

•We specialize in romantic wedding photos or vintage wedding photos. in our editing process we add a vintage or film emulsion to some photos that seem best to have that "old-time vintage" feel to them. The photos then look like they were taken in a specific film but we have the peace of mind of photographing your wedding in digital format. All of the photos you'll be given will come in their natural vibrant color too, so don't worry about if the "film look" will run out of style even if you love it now.

•We spend the time to help you get the most out of your wedding photography. We understand weddings are stressful and expensive, but the one day in your life you want things to go well and smoothly. After meeting with us to talk about your denver wedding photography package you'll receive info about best timing for the best photos, how much time you really need to hire your wedding photographer, and wedding tips from a professional photographer, all maximizing your wedding budget and smoothing out the kinks that can happen on a wedding day. (We aren't your wedding planner but have a lot of experience with weddings and want to share that experience to help your denver wedding photography experience go well.)

•Denver Wedding Photography + Graphic Design. We create in-house designed products for your wedding; save-the-dates, invitations, programs, guest books, thank you cards, & wedding albums. Most couples have to shop for their paper products and photographer separately, but having one company do it all means we create a unique and unified design and save you time. (See the details gallery for samples).

• We are available for destination wedding photography, world wide. Contact us for our special destination wedding photography options and pricing.

•Denver Wedding Photography Gift Registry: We provide ways for couples to get more from their photography but letting family and friends purchase products, wedding coverage, and gift certificates. Click here to see how other couples are doing this!


What is a Wedding like with Searching for the Light photography?
What should I expect?

•Head on over to our reviews section to read about what other couples have thought about working with us!

•Investment: We invest a lot of time to create a customized wedding photography experience for you; most couples send $2600+ on our wedding packages.

About Sessions
What sets us apart as a photography business?

• We get to know our customers because we don’t want to take another portrait; we want to capture who you are!

• We shoot on-location, wherever you feel best fits you and/or your family. If that is your home, great! The park, the zoo, the race-track, perfect! (No worries on deciding, we always have suggestions!)

• In-house designed products from your photo session, we create unique products like greeting cards, birth announcements, or family albums just for you and you alone. Most photography businesses use templates. We throw out all the guidelines and start from scratch. Homemade-just for you!

• Maternity/Newborn packages: We have a special package for moms-to-be. Let us capture your pregnancy with a maternity photo shoot along with 4 sessions of your new little one (1-2 weeks old, 4 months, 6 months and 9 or 12 months)! Contact us to find out more details.

What is a session like? What should I expect?

• You should expect to come and play. The best photographs that really capture you and your family are the ones where you all playing together as if the photographer wasn’t there. We suggest bring toys/props or fun things to do with your family. Ideas are endless here.

• Clothes: wear what is you, your favorite outfit, and the kids favorite boots or hat. Let them be them and you be you.

• You should expect to have fun! Along with sore cheeks from laughing and smiling too much.

• Investment: We believe in offering packages that fit your needs and life stage, but we are also a professional photography company that creates a customized photography experience. That being said most clients invest $300-600 in their photography packages.

About Searching for the Light Photography

Searching for the Light photography captures the moments of life you will never want to forget. Our obsession is to illustrate the beauty, originality, love and passion you experience in life. We believe all of these momentous moments should never be forgotten because they are a testimony of our loving and amazing God.

Searching for the Light Photography is able to provide services world wide but is based out of Denver, CO. To see our current booking calendar for availability please visit our calendar here.

Searching for the Light Photography believes that we as humans are all uniquely and individually crafted by a Creator. We strive to capture the beauty and joy of life, which we have been so blessed to be given. Seeking to capture the beauty in you is a reflection of our belief that there is a God; that His presence is undeniable within and around us all.

Searching for the Light Photography has been a creative and innovative photography business since 2009. Known for its unique and creative images, Searching for the Light Photography specializes in on-location photography; creating images that can never be achieved in the confines of a studio. Every session or wedding is individualized to who you are. We take the time to get to know our customers before we begin photographing them. A photographer should do more than just tell you how to look beautiful, but be there to capture who you are.

Besides approaching photography a bit “untraditionally,” Searching for the Light specializes in creating unique products from your photo session. Our photographer doubles as a graphic designer, which makes for beautiful individualized ways to share your photos with family and friends. We have a handful of products like custom designed albums, save-the-dates, invitations, announcement cards, and greeting cards that you can share with others. Having an on-staff graphic artist is a rare thing in the photography world, as most photography business use templates or hire out to have their products designed. The benefit of this is that your photographer who has already spent time getting to know you will be able to better design custom products that are perfectly fit for you and you alone.

Searching for the Light Photography has been so honored to be featured in a handful of amazing publications. Some of them include Wedding Chicks, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, Rustic Wedding Chic, Glamour and Grace Blog, On The Go Bride, Colorado Weddings Magazine, Couture Colorado Wedding, 365 Brides, DIY Wedding Magazine, and Baby Lifestyles. To see the actual featured head on over to our blog that has links to all the features.

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