About the Photographer Emmy Gaines

Hello, I am Emmy Gaines, the mountain wedding photographer behind Searching for the Light Photography. I am a whimsical teller of authentic & adventurous love stories. I love to capture the Light, and not just gorgeous lightwhich is fun to capturebut to capture the beauty of life, love, and creation. My joy is to capture the light that illuminates our hearts.

I am first and foremost a reflection of the greatest Artist there ever was and ever will be. If there is one thing I can ever hope to accomplish it is to show how beautiful He is.

My goal in this crazy thing called mountain wedding photography is to capture and display for you the amazing gift that we have been given of seeing and experiencing God in love, life, and creation.

I have a gift (or so I’ve been told) gift to capture the experience we feel in a moment and turn that joyful moment into a permanent, tangible memory: a photograph. I hope one day to capture your joy.

I daydream way to much about traveling, so you if you have a destination wedding in mind don't hesitate to ask! Some of my dreams include places like New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Hawaii, Australia, and well, the list could go on.

These are  my crazy loves.

These are  my crazy loves.

I cannot wait to know more about you! Curious about what makes my heart beat? (bold text includes a link to related blog posts):

  • Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit.
  • My super awesome husband, aka Doctor Gaines, a talented up-and-coming author of sci-fi, horror, and strange fiction.
  • Olive Mae, the sweet toddler who turned my world upside down in the most amazing way.
  • My dog, Toby, who is more of a fluffy cat in appearance and mannerism. 
  • Mountains, beaches, exploring, and pretty much any place green or epic.
  • I could live off chocolate chip cookies if my body would let me.
  • Rock climbing and dancing refreshes my soul. It would be the greatest thing to photograph a bride and groom rock climbing and or a ballerina wedding. I might just die a little from joy if that happens!
  • Snowboarding
  • Organization and Planning : I make lists for my lists.
  • If I could only bake everything I could survive life a little better.
  • DIY is too much of my lifestyle.
  • Honesty with kindness. Thus, Let's Chat Monday blog series has been born on my blog, a series about my real life.
  • Traveling
  • Snow falling in big flakes

One-on-one education for photographers! 

I am so excited to announce I am now consulting photographers, new and experienced! I’ve always had a deep passion for teaching, and would love to pass on the experience and knowledge I’ve gained in running a business for 7 years over two different states!

I’m offering video conference meetings for $175 an hour where you can ask me as many questions on any subject you’d like! The session will include two follow up emails with me. You can add on a portfolio review if you’d like for an extra $100, which includes an extra half hour in our meeting to go over your portfolio.

Some topics of interest include:

  • Find your Ideal Client
  • Balancing Running a Business While Having a Life
  • Creating Candid Moments
  • Blogging and Using Pinterest
  • Marketing to Your Ideal Client
  • Off Camera Flash
  • Strengthening Your Body for Shooting

Connect with me on instagram! www.instagram.com/searchingphoto